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Philippine patrimony, ethnohistory and anthropology.


Come On Sister

Come On Sister — Belle and Sebastian

"And it’s fun/ thinking of you like a movie star/ and it’s dumb/ thinking of you like the way that you are"

Abandoning AScottyFollower

Hi all,

As you may all have noticed, this blog has become, well, quite messy. While ascottyfollower will always be in my heart as it is the blog where I really got serious on several issues in cultural heritage, history and memory, I have to move on and realize that my real passion is, not only for cultural heritage and indigenous peoples, but also, and more so, for film. So I made another blog!

For film-related postings (not exclusively Filipino — I queue up some stuff I find nice from other film bloggers), I present to you ITANGHAL. Every morning or every evening I reblog a sound bite, too. I also write updates on what films I’ll watch, as well as other things like books about film, film history, and my thoughts about movies mixed with political ideology.

I’m also working on three other blogs but I won’t announce them until I officially spend one week in the new condo. Since it’s Cinemalaya week, I had to open Itanghal already.

For those who don’t know what Itanghal means, it’s “exhibit” in Filipino. Basically the whole point of Itanghal is to exhibit Filipino film, interesting things in the world of cinema, and to showcase Filipino authenticity and talent through film.

I will not be deleting this blog, but I will no longer update it starting August 1. So, for those who like me and want to see the identity I’ve been denying for a very long time, please follow ITANGHAL. I follow my friends and film/art/music/design-related blogs, by the way. Friends, you know who you are. ;)


No idea why tumblr is double posting things from the queue today. As an apology here is a fluffy Pemmie with a tail giving his best ‘wtf morning’ face. 

It’s winking!


No idea why tumblr is double posting things from the queue today. As an apology here is a fluffy Pemmie with a tail giving his best ‘wtf morning’ face. 

It’s winking!

Reviews page


I’ll be adding a page for the film reviews I’ve made for better tracking, because, well, the archive sucks. I won’t review foreign films though — yes, Hollywood films are foreign — as I leave Z.E.R.O to do that, since he has some the best reviews in town.


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I try to watch movies without bias

And I try my best to watch movies. All kinds. whether I like them or not is totally up to me, but at least I can say I’ve watched them instead of not giving them a chance. Mainstream or indie, local or foreign. Art or otherwise.

I really try to live up to that promise.

But then I know when a film is a flop… That is when I wont even bother anymore.

Yup lang.

I’m At The Condo with Erratic Internet Signal


Didn’t watch a movie today because I’ve been bringing stuff in the new condo the whole day. And mom’s not feeling well, so we didn’t go at all. I was able to write (in pen) the reviews of Ang Sayaw ng Kaliwang Paa and Bisperas.

Revised schedule of film viewing (starting Wednesday):

  • July 20, Wednesday » Ligo na U, Lapit na Me (Greenbelt, Cinema 5, 4:00pm)
  • July 21, Thursday » Isda: Fable of the Fish (CCP, Main Theater, 3:30pm) » Shorts A (CCP Studio Theater, 6:15pm)
  • July 22, Friday » Busong (CCP, Little Theater, 12:45) » Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank (CCP, Main Theater, 3:30pm)
  • July 23, Saturday » I-Libings (Greenbelt, Cinema 5, 1:30pm)
  • July 24, Sunday » Patikul (Greenbelt, Cinema 3, 1:30pm)

So I’m watching 11 films (5 short films, 6 feature lengths) this week. Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch all the films, especially Niño, because of time constraints. Unless I have another schedule change, expect reviews for these films. I cannot do a fearless forecast because I won’t watch all of the films in competition this year.

Anyway, cheers!

Actually I was at the condo with the erratic Globe Tattoo signal. hehe. Click the links of my reviews of Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa and Bisperas!

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